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Healthcare Law Research: An Introduction

This lesson is an introduction to health law with a concentration on health care law and is intended for use by upper level students interested in researching health law and policy. However, this lesson may be utilized by any researcher interested in brushing up on their legal research skills. The goal of this lesson is to (1) provide an understanding of the regulatory scheme of health care institutions at both the state and federal level; and (2) give a critical overview of the features of analytical materials (secondary sources) that you may utilize for more in-depth understanding.

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Medical Research For Attorneys

This lesson covers researching medical information, not health law research. This lesson will emphasize resources that are publicly available free of charge. It will also provide references to some of the many fee-based services for medical research available on Lexis or Westlaw; on a pay-as-you go basis on the Internet; and through medical libraries.