Frequently Asked Questions - Using the Lessons

Access to CALI Lessons (and certain other materials) is limited to faculty, students and staff of CALI's member organizations. If you fall into this category, you'll need to create an account on CALI's website before you can continue. To create an account, you'll need two things:

  1. A CALI Authorization Code from your school or organization.  A list of CALI representatives that have the code is available on the CALI website.  Alternatively, they are usually available in the library.
  2. An email address.  Any email address will work provided it's not a Hotmail address, which we've had to ban due to spammer activity.

During registration, you will be asked to create a username and password for your CALI account.  This is what you'll use to log into CALI from then on.

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Yes.  Scores are automatically saved when you take a CALI lesson.  To resume:

  1. Log into the CALI website.
  2. Hover over "CALI Dashboard" so that the drop down menu appears.
  3. Click on "My Lesson Runs."  This will take you to a page that will list all of your CALI lesson activity.
  4. Click on "resume" for the lesson you would like to resume. It will return you to the spot you were at when you quit the lesson.

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The most likely reason for this error message is that you are not logged into the CALI website.  All CALI Lessons, LessonLinks and Autopublished lessons can only be viewed by those that are logged in.  If you do not yet have a CALI username and password, please view the FAQ on how to obtain those.

At the top of the webpage is the drop down to log in.  After logging into the CALI website hit refresh.  If that does not work, close the page and refollow the link you were given.  Do not try to search for the lesson by title, as the link may be to an Autopublished lesson or a LessonLink.  Those require access by a specific URL in order for your performance to be recorded.

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LessonLink Lessons will generally appear exactly like a regular CALI Lesson. That's because they are one!  They just have a special URL that allows your professor to track your score and performance. There are a few ways to tell if you are taking one.

  1. When you are running a CALI Lesson look for the LessonLink logo in the upper right of the Lesson viewer.
  2. You are sent to a CALI Courses page with several lessons listed. It will have "courses" in the URL and the CALI Lessons listed will have "LessonLink" in their URL.
  3. The URL of the CALI Lesson that your professor gives to you has "LessonLink" in it.
  4. When you view your "My Lesson Runs" dashboard, your professor's name will appear in the "professor" column. If it's a regular CALI Lesson, this column will be blank.

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With so many lessons - over 1,000 in 48+ subjects! - students may have trouble finding the lessons that apply to them. Luckily, we have several ways to aid students in their search for the right CALI Lessons.

  • Search: use's search bar (top right) to search CALI lesson names and descriptions. Please note: CALI's website search covers a LOT of material, so you may have to refine your search several times to find an appropriate lesson.
  • By topic: browse lessons sorted by topic, listed in alphabetical order. Some subjects' full list of lessons are very long, so don't forget about your browser's find function (CTRL + F or CMD + F) to search the page for keywords.
  • By author: many of our law professors and librarians write multiple lessons for us. You may even see your professor!
  • By subject outline: matches subtopics traditionally covered in certain subjects with corresponding CALI Lessons.
  • New lessons list: look here or subscribe to the new CALI Lessons RSS feed to see the newest CALI Lessons.
  • Updated lessons list: this lists the most recently updated lessons, also with an RSS feed.


Note: if you are a faculty member reviewing lessons for use in your course, we have some other tips for you in deciding which lesson to assign, please see this FAQ.

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