A First Generation's Guide to Law School



The interactive version of this guide is available online in CALI Lawbooks

This is written as a guide for first-generation students who are entering or are currently attending law school. It introduces students to law school vocabulary and available resources, gives guidance about how to prepare for the unique challenges of law school, and provides a roadmap for things like participating in class, studying for and taking exams, joining extracurriculars, taking care of your mental health, and networking. The guide includes interactive exercises that test the student's knowledge of concepts, encourage the student to reflect on their own interests and experiences, and explore resources in their law school and elsewhere. 

57,118 words, 147 pages in PDF
Published June 2022

This guide is also available as a PDF and in print. Students are encouraged to use the Lawbooks version of the guide to run the interactive exercises embedded within the text. The PDF version includes direct links to the interactive exercises on the Lawbooks website.

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