Torts and Regulation: Cases, Principles, and Institutions



Torts and Regulation: Cases, Principles, and Institutions, Third Edition (TRCPI) is designed to bring together common law principles in the field of torts with related statutory and regulatory materials. The aim is to provide a text that introduces students to key tort principles and the way in which those tort principles have in part shaped the regulatory state and in part been supplanted by the regulatory state.

This casebook increases the role of statutes and regulations in the material. In addition, it offers a major innovation by leading the students into the ways in which basic tort doctrine animate fields of statutory law. In particular, the book adopts a series of “modules” that follow the adoption and adaptation of tort principles in the law of employment discrimination. The Third Edition includes expanded sections drawing out tort principles in the anti-discrimination law context. This is particularly true in the area of causation. Finally, a new and not-too-long appendix adds material on the New Zealand alternative. 

The book borrows substantially from a torts casebook co-authored by the author and Karen Tani of the University of Pennsylvania, Carey Law School. That book, Torts: Cases, Principles, and Institutions (6th ed., 2022), and previous editions, supplies much of the basic tort material that follows here in TRCPI.

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Published August 2019

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Second Edition July 2020

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Third Edition December 2022



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