CALI Author Features

The features below are for the Windows version of CALI Author. The  Web version is still being written.

CALI Author has many features designed to help the lesson's author and student make the most of computer-assisted instruction, including:

  • Exporting lessons to the Internet
    You can export your lesson to the Internet as web pages or a Flash file. Most of the interactions on the pages including popups, drag-boxes, etc. will appear.
  • Simultaneous editing and viewing of lessons
    CALI Author contains both the viewer which lets students run the lesson and the editor which lets you edit the lesson. A single key press lets you switch between these two modes. To prevent unauthorized editing of your lesson you can easily apply a password.
  • Explorer interface
    CALI Author uses an interface like the Windows Explorer. A list of pages appears on the left-hand side of the window and the page you are editing appears on the right.
  • Summary Report
    CALI Author has a Report view which includes the text of the question and all its possible feedback pages, scoring and branches. This report is printable.