How do I create a self-published lesson?

Self-published lessons allow faculty at CALI member schools to edit and customize CALI Lessons or create their own lessons and quizzes from scratch using CALI Author. A self-published lesson is published to the CALI website to make it visible to anyone who has the link to it. Self-published lessons on the CALI website provide scoring and performance information for all student who work on the lesson..

Some notes:

  • You must have a CALI faculty/staff account to self-publish lessons from CALI Author.
  • Only registered CALI users can work on self-published lessons published on the CALI website.
  • If you wish to leave a CALI Lesson as it is, considered using LessonLink. This will give you all the same scoring and performance options.

Self-publishing a lesson;

Lessons you create with CALI Author can be published to the CALI website and made available for your students. Self-published lessons do not become part of the publicly-available library of CALI lessons and are only available to whom you provide the URL.

  • Once you have completed your lesson, publish your lesson from your Lesson Library. From your open lesson, go to File in the upper left corner and choose Save & Exit to Lessons Home. From there, enter your Lesson Library.
  • Find your lesson in the list and select the arrow icon for Publish my lesson on (Hovering over the icons will reveal their functions.)
  • Choosing to publish will take you directly to the lesson where you can run the lesson or copy the lesson URL that you can provide to students so they can log in to the site and run it. You will also receive an email with the lesson URL from with the subject “[CALI] About Your Self Published Lesson.”
  • Once you have published your lesson, a new option to Run my published lesson on that looks like a play button will appear in your CALI Author Lesson Library for that lesson.

Tip: If you publish your lesson then make additional edits, you will need to re-publish for the changes to take effect on the published version. From your Lesson Library, choose the arrow icon to Update my published lesson on