How do I create an AutoPublished Lesson?

AutoPublish allows faculty at CALI member schools to edit and customize current CALI Lessons or even create their own lessons and quizzes from scratch. They can then upload it to our website to make it visible to anyone who is given the link to it. AutoPublished Lessons on the CALI website provide scoring and performance information for everyone who takes it. Some notes:

  • You must have a valid CALI faculty level account to use AutoPublish.
  • Only registered CALI users can take the AutoPublished Lesson published on the CALI website. If you wish to self-host, anyone may take it.
  • If you wish to leave a lesson as it is, considered using LessonLink. This will give you all the same scoring and performance options.

How to AutoPublish a CALI Lesson:

  1. Edit an existing CALI Lesson or create a lesson from scratch using CALI Author software. If you don't know how to do this, start by taking a look at the CALI Author guide.
  2. Once you've finalized your custom lesson in CALI Author, click "File" > "AutoPublish."
  3. A screen will pop-up. Click "Publish."
  4. Your internet browser should automatically pop-up and take you directly to the CALI website.
  5. If you're not logged in, you may see an "Access Denied" message. Don't panic! Just login with your faculty account using the login boxes and you'll be fine.
  6. Next you'll see the AutoPublish edit screen. Here you have the option of editing the title of your creation and picking the CALI Topics to help categorize it.
  7. If your lesson had images, you must upload each of them in the appropriate place by clicking browse and locating the matching image on your computer's hard drive. Othewise images will not show up in the lesson. You can add images later if you currently cannot upload the images at this time.
  8. VERY IMPORTANT: By default "Publsihed" is checked in the "Publishing options" tab. This means that the lesson or quiz is immediately available to your student. If this not checked the lesson or quiz is not visible to anyone but you.
  9.  Click "Save"
  10. Now check your email. You should have a message from the CALI webmaster with the link that allows you and others to use your AutoPublished lesson. Send that link along to your students by email or through your website, TWEN page, Blackboard, etc.

That's it! Don't did not replace the CALI Lesson that you edited. This new lesson resides on a separate place on CALI servers.

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