Can I link to CALI Lessons in my Course/Learning Management System?

Yes! You can easily post a link directly to a CALI Lesson, LessonLink, CALI Author self-published lesson, or QuizWright Quiz in Course Management Systems like TWEN, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, etc. There are two tips to make sure this works correctly:

  1. Suggest students log into CALI before following the link to the CALI Lesson. They can always log in when the arrive, but they may get an access denied error for LessonLinks and AutoPublished CALI Lessons and become confused.
  2. Set your link to open in a new webpage, completely outside of your CMS.

Read on for more explanation... Just like any link, you can post a link directly to a single CALI Lesson to direct your students to it. Just click on the lesson name in the list of lessons, copy the URL from your browser, and then paste that URL wherever you like. Just like this: /lesson/815 But - and this is very important - in many classroom management systems the links will not work correctly unless you set the link to the CALI lesson to open in a new window. Oftentimes a CMS' default is to open links within the CMS or with a CMS wrapper around the external link. CALI lessons don't react well to that. So when you're using TWEN, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or any CMS... always double-check your own CALI link and ensure the link opens in a completely new and clean window. NOT within the CMS.

Signs that your CMS link will be problematic:

  • Looking in your CMS link's properties or settings, you see that the option to "open link in new window" (or similar) is not checked or selected.
  • You follow your link and it opens with the frame of your CMS around it.
  • Your CMS or college logo is visible after following the CALI lesson link.
  • The URL in the window starts with anything other than our website's:

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