How do I find a CALI Lesson to take?

With so many lessons - over 1,000 in 48+ subjects! - students may have trouble finding the lessons that apply to them. Luckily, we have several ways to aid students in their search for the right CALI Lessons.

  • Search: use's search bar (top right) to search CALI lesson names and descriptions. Please note: CALI's website search covers a LOT of material, so you may have to refine your search several times to find an appropriate lesson.
  • By topic: browse lessons sorted by topic, listed in alphabetical order. Some subjects' full list of lessons are very long, so don't forget about your browser's find function (CTRL + F or CMD + F) to search the page for keywords.
  • By author: many of our law professors and librarians write multiple lessons for us. You may even see your professor!
  • By subject outline: matches subtopics traditionally covered in certain subjects with corresponding CALI Lessons.
  • New lessons list: look here or subscribe to the new CALI Lessons RSS feed to see the newest CALI Lessons.
  • Updated lessons list: this lists the most recently updated lessons, also with an RSS feed.


Note: if you are a faculty member reviewing lessons for use in your course, we have some other tips for you in deciding which lesson to assign, please see this FAQ.