Why would a faculty member use the CALI Lesson Mapper?

Mapper is a pictorial representation - similar to a subway map - of a lesson's contents. Faculty use Mapper for a variety of reasons. Some faculty like to see the extent (number of questions, amount of branching in a lesson) of a lesson before reviewing it themselves or assigning it to their students. Mapper can also be printed out for use in class, or even open on the faculty member's computer screen during class. This allows faculty to know the "right" path through a lesson's Socratic dialogue. As the class debates a choice in open class, the professor can guide students through the lesson knowing places (1) where the lesson may loopback to the original question, or (2) take the students through a series of related followup questions often designed to challenge the students initial response or to fill-in knowledge the students may be lacking. Of course, these same reasons for using Mapper are applicable for any lessons worked through by students during a professor's office hours. Mapper's benefit is faculty can use it to guide students through a particular sequence of questions.