How do I add metadata to my Lawbook?

Once you've created a book we recommend that you take a few minutes to provide some basic information about the book by completing a couple of the settings pages. Adding this meta data to the book now will make it easy for people to find later.
Let's start with Book info:
  1. Select Book info from the left hand menu.
  1. Edit or add information about your book as you see fit. Fields include:
  1. variations of the title
  1. Author name(s)
  1. Publisher info
  1. Copyright & Licensing
  1. You should select a Creative Commons license for your work. The Lawbooks platform is about open, so we like to host works that are freely available to the law school community.
  1. Additional book and catalog information
  1. Once you're done adding info, hit the save button at the top right.