How do I use QuizWright?

This is a brief outline of how to use QuizWright to create and publish a quiz or other formative assessment. 

  1. Visit the CALI website at and log in using your CALI account.
  2. From the "CALI Dashboard" menu near the top of the page select "QuizWright".
  3. This will take you directly to the QuizWright homepage, no need to login again.
  4. Click the "Add a question" button to jump right in and begin creating your own personal question bank.
  5. On the "Quiz Questions" page select the question type you'd like to create. The choices are "True/False", "Yes/No", or "Multiple Choice".
  6. On the "Quiz Question" page enter your question, the correct answer, and, for MC questions, up to 3 incorrect choices.
    • Note that the choices will be presented to your students in a random fashion for each question.
  7. You can optionally add feedback that will be displayed when a student answers a question. The feedback is displayed no matter the answer a student chooses.
  8. When you're done with the question you can keep adding questions or create a new quiz
    • Note that you need to click one of the buttons to save the question you are working on. If you leave the page or click another link the question data on the page will be lost.
  9. Once you've added all of the questions you want for now hit the "Prepare the Quiz" button.
  10. The "Quiz Questions" page now displays a listing of questions that haven't been added to any quizzes yet. For a full list of your questions select "All" in the "Filter Questions" section.
  11. Select the questions you would like to add to the new quiz and hit the "Add to new Quiz" button.
  12. On the "Quiz Information" page fill out the form and hit "Save Quiz".
  13. That brings you to the "Quiz Details" page. From here you can
    • "Publish Quiz" to the CALI website using CALI Publisher
    • "Change Questions" to re-order your quiz questions
    • "Edit Description" to change the details of your quiz
    • "Publish Later" to save the quiz for later
  14. Hit "Publish Later" to save the quiz.
  15. Before publishing a quiz to the CALI website, click on "My Profile" in the left hand menu. Complete this form with your information that will be added to each quiz you publish.
  16. Use "My Quizzes" in the left hand menu to get to a list of your saved and published quizzes.
  17. From the "My Quizzes" listing you can
    • reorder, and remove questions from a quiz
    • get the quiz details with links for publishing the Lesson
    • review and edit the quiz's description
    • preview the quiz as your students will see it

Following these steps will help you build a personal question bank and prepare quizzes for your students. For information on how to give a QuizWright quiz to your students see