I'm stuck in a Lesson, what do I do?

I'm working on a CALI Lesson and it locked up or kicked me out or I'm seeing a blank page. What should I do?



If you're working on a CALI Lesson and it appears to freeze or kick you out or otherwise impede your progress it is very important that you do not refresh or reload your browser window. Refreshing or reloading your browser window will break the Lesson Viewer and prevent your work from being saved properly. If you appear stuck in a Lesson try the following:

  1. Click on the next entry in the Lesson's Table of Contents. This is especially helpful if you find yourself looking at an apparently blank page with nothing but the contents menu on the left.
  2. Verify that the Lesson was started properly and data is being saved. To check, open a new browser tab (do not close the open Lesson window or tab) and go to https://www.cali.org/mylessonruns. On the Lesson Runs page you should see information for the Lesson that you're working on. If you see information for the Lesson that you're stuck in then it is safe to exit the open Lesson and use the resume feature to pick up where you left off.
  3. Exit the Lesson using the Exit icon in the upper left of the Lesson Viewer. You can always use the Exit icon in the upper left of the Lesson Viewer (it looks like a door) to leave the Lesson. Once you exit you are taken to your Lesson Runs page at https://www.cali.org/mylessonruns. Form there you can use the Resume feature to renter the Lesson at the point where you exited.

If you're interested in more information about how things work with the Lesson Viewer please read on...

Generally speaking Lessons don't kick students out or freeze up, indeed they are designed to prevent loss of data. When a Lesson is started the complete contents of the Lesson and the CALI Viewer are loaded into the browser like a large single web page. Score data is sent back to our server as the Lesson progresses but the Viewer is designed to display an alert if it cannot connect to the network or our server. There are situations in some Lessons where students are presented with an intentional blank page and it is unclear how to proceed or a student may happen upon a bug in a Lesson that makes forward progress difficult. In any situation where a student feels as if they've been kicked out of a Lesson or the Lesson has frozen, the best option is to exit the Lesson using the icon in the upper right of the Lesson Viewer and then use the resume link on their My Lesson Runs page to reenter the Lesson where they left off. 

Lesson scores can be lost if the student refreshes or reloads a browser window with an open Lesson. There is nothing we can do to stop this beyond warning people not to do it and always use the exit icon to leave a Lesson. We also cannot account for all of the possible variations in browser and operating system sest ups that may potentially interfere with the proper operation of the Lesson Viewer including but not limited to settings for cookies, javascript, and pop ups.