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Preparing for Class 101: Preparing for Your First Day of Class

This lesson will run through critical considerations to think about before stepping into the law school classroom, or the "theater of learning" for the first time! Through a series of interactive diagnostic questions and teaching pages, the lesson explores many themes of first semester, including choosing your seat, class participation and how to handle the Socratic method, pre- and post-class prep, time management, using professors' office hours, and how the basics of the court system and functions of each level of court generate the "case method" of law school teaching and learning.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the lesson, the student will be able to:
1. Prepare for the dynamics of the law school classroom, including where to sit and how to respond to the Socratic method of professor-student colloquy.
2. Recognize the importance of briefing cases and become familiar with methods for briefing.
3. Identify the purpose and logic behind the case method of teaching, including basic court system concepts.
4. Understand and access resources to manage imposter syndrome.
5. Recognize the importance of time management in maximizing performance.

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