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Types of Law School Exams: Discussions in Law School Success Podcast

This podcast begins by explaining the differences between exams in undergrad and law school. It then introduces the three types of law school exams: multiple choice, short answer and the long essay. Each type of exam is discussed and the student is provided with tips to achieve the maximum number of points for each type of question. 

Should you want to focus on just one question type, here are the times in the podcast when each is discussed.

1:12 Differences between undergrad and law school exams

4:15 Multiple choice questions

6:30 Short answer questions

8:43 Long essay questions

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the podcast, the student will be able to:

  1. Explain how law school exams generally differ from undergraduate exams. 
  2. Discuss one technique for answering law school multiple choice questions. 
  3. State several benefits of using your normal legal writing strategy of IRAC, CRAC or CIRAC is helpful for short answer questions. 
  4. Create a plan to prepare for answering long essay questions.

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