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CANINE: The Complete Article Nine (2011 Edition)

CANINE (The Complete Article Nine) is a unique set of learning materials designed to assist both law students and lawyers to be effective Article 9 practitioners. It consists of a comprehensive collection of text and interactive problems modeled after a conventional casebook or treatise.

Download a printable PDF of the book chapters (excludes the problems): PDF.

The text is designed to be used with a commercially available set of commercial law statutes. The online version has the same content as found in the hardcopy, but in addition it provides hyperlinks that allow users to pull up statutory and secondary references and a keyword search capability.

The interactive problem sets found at the end of each chapter are likely to be the most valuable section for students, and may be done as stand-alone exercises. In the online version they provide the immediate feedback that is so important for effective learning. The tailoring of feedback to fit a user's level of expertise and understanding allows a user to proceed at his or her own pace and to reexamine questions and feedback as the user may wish.

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