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Battery Puzzlers

Battery Puzzlers is one of two lessons available from CALI on the intentional tort of battery. The other lesson, Battery Basics, is designed for students who will spend little time on battery in their classes or are uncomfortable with their understanding of the tort. It is designed to provide a solid understanding of battery.

This lesson, Battery Puzzlers, is for students who are already familiar with the tort and who want to deepen their understanding and analysis of battery. It asks questions at the borders of the tort and is designed to stimulate thinking about battery in new ways. It also requires students to apply the principles of the old tort of battery to today's new fact situations. Battery Puzzlers asks the puzzling questions that have stumped students about battery over the years.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the lesson, students will be able to:

  1. Review briefly the elements of the tort of battery.
  2. Analyze the nature of intent.
  3. Apply the principles of the old tort of battery to today's new fact situations, such as second-hand smoke and crowded subway cars.


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