How do I give my students a QuizWright quiz?

Once you've created some questions and bundled them into a quiz the next step is to publish the quiz and give it to your students. Using CALI Publisher, LessonLive, and LessonLink, QuizWright quizzes can be delivered to students and taken in real time in the classroom or assigned as homework using the familiar CALI Lesson Viewer.

This How To covers the use of CALI Publisher and LessonLive to publish and track quizzes for your students.

Please note that your students will need to log in to the CALI website in order to take QuizWright quizzes.

How to publish a QuizWright quiz to CALI Publisher

  1. Visit the CALI website at and log in using your CALI account.
  2. From the "CALI Dashboard" menu near the top of the page select "QuizWright".
  3. This will take you directly to the QuizWright homepage, no need to login again.
  4. Click the "List my quizzes" button or the "My Quizzes" menu link to open the list of your quizzes
  5. Click the "Details" link in the "Publish" column of the quiz you want to publish
  6. Click the "Publish Quiz" button on the "Quiz Details" page to start the Publisher process in a new tab/window on the CALI website.
    1. Note that you may see a message about pop-ups or new windows being blocked for the CALI website. If you get this message please follow your browser's instructions to allow pop-ups from the CALI website.

  7. If you're not logged in to the CALI wesbite, you may see an "Access Denied" message. Don't panic! Just login with your faculty account using the login boxes and you'll be fine.
  8. Next you'll see the QuizWright quiz as published on the CALI website, no need to do anything else.
  9. Check your email. You should have a message from the CALI webmaster with the link that allows you and your students to take your QuizWright quiz. Send that link along to your students by email, through your website, TWEN page, Blackboard, etc. or as with CALI LessonLink

How to use LessonLive to give a QuizWright quiz in real time

  1. Make sure your students have CALI accounts and can log in to the CALI website before starting the quiz. The quiz will run fine on mobile devices as well as laptop computers but students need to be logged in on the CALI website to take the quiz.
  2. Once everyone is logged in have your class follow the link to the quiz page. This was emailed to you in the step 8 above.
  3. Students should click on the "Start this Faculty Published Quiz" button to take the quiz.
  4. When you click on the the "Start this Faculty Published Quiz" button LessonLive will engage and you will be able to track students results on the quiz in real time.

For more information about LessonLive please check the FAQ.

How to add a QuizWright quiz to LessonLink

  1. Go to your LessonLink dashboard by collowing the "LessonLink" link in your "CALI Dashboard" dropdown menu.
  2. Either create a new set of LessonLinks or edit an existing course.
  3. From the "Select a topic" list pick "Your CALI Library Resources" (it's at the bottom of the list)
  4. From the list of resources that appears check the quiz or quizzes you'd like to add 
  5. Click submit to create the LessonLink(s). You should receive an email with cutom trackable LessonLinks to give your students.

For more information about LessonLink please check the FAQ

You will always have access to the results of your QuizWright quizzes through the "My CALI Library" link in your "CALI Dashboard" dropdown menu.