Edward J. Imwinkelried

Ed Imwinkelried is the Edward L. Barrett, Jr. Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of California, Davis. He is a former chair of the Evidence section of the American Association of Law Schools. His writings include: McCORMICK, EVIDENCE 7th ed. 2013); EVIDENTIARY FOUNDATIONS ( 9th ed. 2014); COURTROOM CRIMINAL EVIDENCE ( 5th ed. 2011); THE NEW WIGMORE: EVIDENTIARY PRIVILEGES ( 2d ed. 2010); SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE ( 5th ed. 2012); and UNCHARGED MISCONDUCT EVIDENCE ( rev. 2015). In particular, he has written extensively about Rules 104(a) and 104(b), which govern preliminary factfinding in federal practice.

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Preliminary Factfinding Under Rule 104 May 14, 2014