Commercial Transactions

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CANINE: The Complete Article Nine (2009 Edition)

CANINE (The Complete Article Nine) is a unique set of learning materials designed to assist both law students and lawyers to be effective Article 9 practitioners. It consists of a comprehensive collection of text and interactive problems modeled after a conventional casebook or treatise. The text is designed to be used with a commercially available set of commercial law statutes. The online version has the same content as found in the hardcopy, but in addition it provides hyperlinks that allow users to pull up statutory and secondary references and a keyword search capability.

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CISG Basics: Formation

This lesson is second in a series that takes a look at formation of agreements governed by the U.N. Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). This lesson sets out the basic requisites for determining whether an offer exists, when it is accepted and how to address a battle of the forms if the CISG applies.

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CISG Basics: Performance

This lesson is third in a series that takes a look at performance of agreements governed by the U.N. Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG). This lesson sets out the basic obligations of sellers and buyers, as well as looking at the ICC's Incoterms and how they affect the seller's obligations.

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Formation of Contracts under UCC Article 2

This lesson deals with the formation of contracts under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code (excluding § 2-207 issues). Under UCC § 2-204, a contract can be formed in any manner sufficient to show agreement, even if the parties leave open terms. This lesson will explore the effect of the difference in formation between common law and Article 2. You can work this lesson as an introduction to the formation of contracts under the UCC or as a review. The material in this lesson may be a more in-depth study of Article 2 than some first year contracts courses require. However, prior to working this lesson, you should have an understanding of the common law on offer, acceptance and mutual assent.

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New Ranch: Perfecting a Security Interest

The New Ranch lesson is the successor to the Ranch lesson. As with the Ranch, the New Ranch lesson leads students through the steps necessary to perfecting a security interest under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in a multi-state contact situation. The exercise also assists students to understand many other provisions of Article 9, including those dealing with classification of collateral and those governing the place of filing within a particular state.

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Secured Transactions: Priority: Buyers v. Secured Parties Podcast

The topic of this podcast is which party will prevail in a competition for collateral as between buyers of the collateral and secured parties. While secured parties might expect to prevail with respect to their collateral most of the time, buyers of goods also have expectations that are protected with respect to their purchases. The rules of Article 9 balance expectations so that buyers get good title to what they buy and have protection from pre-existing security interests in some circumstances. These rules are commonly tested on law school and bar examinations.