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Authority: Actual and Apparent

This lesson discusses the power that an agent (or apparent agent) has to affect the legal rights of the principal. In general, an agent or apparent agent may affect the principal's legal rights only to the extent that the agent possesses the authority or the power to do so. This lesson provides an introduction to the three basic types of authority -- actual authority, apparent authority, and inherent agency power.

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The Business Judgment Rule in Shareholder Derivative Litigation I: Demand Upon the Board

This lesson is the first of two designed to familiarize you with aspects of shareholders' derivative litigation and the role played by the business judgment rule. This lesson focuses on demand upon the board of directors. In most states, shareholders are required to make demand upon the board of directors before they can proceed with a derivative suit. The board's response to that demand is reviewed under the business judgment rule. This lesson will take you through the operation of the rule at this critical stage in derivative litigation.

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The Capital Asset Pricing Model

This lesson teaches the Capital Asset Pricing Model. It begins by discussing risk and its control by diversification, and how betas measure the risk of diversified portfolios.

The lesson is designed to guide the student through the CAPM in detail as part of a Corporate Finance or Mergers & Acquisitions course. In courses that do not cover the CAPM in detail, such as Business Association courses or Securities Regulation, this lesson can be used as further study or for skimming.

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Company Research

The goal of this lesson is to introduce you to the basics of conducting company and industry research. Company research is the process of gathering information about a specific company. Once you have information about a company, you may need to know how that company is faring within its industry. Companies within an industry can be compared to one another, or an analysis of the industry itself can be done to see how it is performing.

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Corporate Distributions

This lesson focuses on state corporation law restrictions on distributions to shareholders. It does not cover restrictions on distributions arising from other sources, such as contractual restrictions, the law of fraudulent conveyance, or federal bankruptcy law.