Legal Studies

This category is for CALI Lessons written specifically for, or applicable to, students in undergraduate programs or other programs leading to degrees as paralegals or in legal studies. 

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The 4 Cs of Contracts - Part 2 - Consideration and Complies with the Law and/or Public Policy

This is Part 2 of a beginning lesson on contracts. It covers the last 2 elements: consideration and complies with the law and/or public policy. This lesson is written for the legal studies, prelaw, paralegal or business law student. Part 1 should be done before starting this lesson.

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Torts II - The Torts of Defamation, Invasion of Privacy and Torts against Business and Property

This is Part II of a 2 part series on Intentional torts written for the undergraduate legal studies, business law, paralegal or pre-law student. It covers 8 torts: defamation, invasion of privacy, disparagement, interference with a contract, fraud, trespass, conversion and nuisance. It discusses their elements and defenses.