1L - First Year Lesson Topics

This set of Topics covers subjects typically taught during the first year of law school.
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Damages for Harms to Possessory Interests in Personal Property

This lesson covers basic and specific measures of damages recoverable for tortious invasions of the interest in exclusive possession of personal property. The student will be presented with concrete situations in which to consider application of rules and concepts of the law of damages. Analytically, invasions of the interest are separated into permanent deprivations and temporary deprivations and the different rules applicable to the two different contexts are explored.

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Damages for Harms to Real Property

This lesson deals with basic principles and measures of damages recoverable for harms to real property. The analysis to which students will be acquainted examines the harms in the context of three categories of interests to be protected by the law of damages. Those categories, which are separately treated in the lesson, are exclusive possession, physical integrity and use and enjoyment.

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Damages for Injuries That Cause Death

This lesson covers the common law rules and various statutory approaches governing recovery of damages for injuries resulting in death. Questions and problems in the lesson consider the circumstances under which and the extent to which damages are available to protect the interests of persons who die as a result of tortious injuries and the interests of the survivors of those persons.

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Defense of Others

This lesson covers the subject of defense of others. In many respects an actor's right to defend another parallels his or her right to defend himself or herself. However, there are some specific exceptions and nuances that must be understood. It is the purpose of this lesson to cover those specifics and nuances in the context of some classic scenarios.

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Defining the Term "Search"

This lesson is designed to help students understand the term "search" as it is used under the Fourth Amendment. As we shall see, the term is a term of art which does not always correspond to popular conceptions or definitions of the term search. In this lesson, we explore the various facets and definitions of the term. This lesson is intended for students who have studied these issues in class and who would like to refine their knowledge.

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Discharge of Duties: Discussions in Contracts Podcast

This podcast discusses a discharge of duties such that parties do not have to perform their contractual obligations and cannot demand performance under the other party's contract. Consideration is required to support enforcement of an agreement, including a modification of a contract resulting in a discharge of duties. This podcast will look at discharge by rescission, substituted performance, substituted contract, novation, and accord and satisfaction.