1L - First Year Lesson Topics

This set of Topics covers subjects typically taught during the first year of law school.
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Fee Simple Absolute

In the Anglo-American legal system land is not owned directly. Rather, people own legal interests in land. The reason land is owned in this way goes back to the feudal origins of land holding in England. The fee simple absolute is one of the estates in land, which emerged from that system.

This lesson will help you understand: (1) the legal concept of an estate in land, (2) the legal characteristics of the fee simple absolute, and (3) what is necessary to create a fee simple absolute.

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Financing Real Estate Transactions: A Basic Introduction

This exercise is designed as a basic introduction for the beginning student to the fundamental principles involved in real estate financing . However, real estate financing is a complicated topic and best dealt within an upper division Real Estate Finance class. So, this interactive tutorial will not complete the topic, except as typically addressed in a first year Property class.

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Finders of Personal Property

This lesson covers the law governing the rights of finders of personal property which is generally covered near the beginning of a Property course in law school. It addresses the possibility that the personal property might be lost, mislaid or abandoned because the true owner is unknown.

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Finding Statutes

This lesson is intended to teach you the basic approaches to finding statutes. It is assumed that you are already familiar with the forms of statutory publication when you run this lesson. See the lessons "Introduction to State and Federal Statutes" or "Forms of Federal Statutory Publication" or "Codification" if you need to review these matters first.

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Finding The Rule

The lesson introduces several common rule structures and tests recognition of each. The lesson challenges the student to recognize the rule of law as it appears in several cases.

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The damages a plaintiff can recover for breach of contract are limited to those that are reasonably foreseeable at the time of contracting. This lesson explores the concept of foreseeability from its origin in the Hadley rule to more contemporary applications. The lesson can be run either as an introduction to foreseeability or as a review after you have completed your study.

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Forms of Federal Statutory Publication

The four forms of federal statutory publications are slip laws, session laws (or advance session laws), Codes, and Annotated Codes. As a researcher, you will most frequently use an Annotated Code for accessing federal law. It is, however, important to understand each stage of federal legislative publication and the implications for research.

This lesson is designed to give you an introduction to the intricacies of federal statutory publication. You should understand how the different forms are interconnected as well as the differences between them by the completion of this lesson.