2L-3L Upper Level Lesson Topics

This set of Topics covers subjects typically taught during the second and third years of law school.
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The Capital Asset Pricing Model

This lesson teaches the Capital Asset Pricing Model. It begins by discussing risk and its control by diversification, and how betas measure the risk of diversified portfolios.

The lesson is designed to guide the student through the CAPM in detail as part of a Corporate Finance or Mergers & Acquisitions course. In courses that do not cover the CAPM in detail, such as Business Association courses or Securities Regulation, this lesson can be used as further study or for skimming.

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The Cast of Characters in Negotiable Instruments

This lesson is designed to be used either as an introduction or as a review of the parties who are involved with negotiable instruments governed by Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code. This lesson will teach you to identify the various players who are involved in the use of negotiable instruments. It can be used to introduce you to these players, help you sort them out, or to reinforce what you already understand.

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Characterizing Remedies

This exercise helps you to learn how to characterize a remedy as legal or equitable. This is a significant characterization, as many important substantive and procedural rights can turn on this characterization. This lesson is probably best studied in conjunction with a course in Equity or Remedies, though one can use the lesson for independent self study of the topic. You may want to study the CALI lessons History of Equity and Equitable Remedies - An Overview first. By the end of this lesson, you should be able to identify the characteristics of equity.