2L-3L Upper Level Lesson Topics

This set of Topics covers subjects typically taught during the second and third years of law school.
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The Business Judgment Rule in Shareholder Derivative Litigation I: Demand Upon the Board

This lesson is the first of two designed to familiarize you with aspects of shareholders' derivative litigation and the role played by the business judgment rule. This lesson focuses on demand upon the board of directors. In most states, shareholders are required to make demand upon the board of directors before they can proceed with a derivative suit. The board's response to that demand is reviewed under the business judgment rule. This lesson will take you through the operation of the rule at this critical stage in derivative litigation.

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California Intestate Succession

This exercise introduces users to the principal provisions of the California Probate Code which governs intestacy. It also illustrates the application of those provisions to typical fact situations. The exercise explores inheritance by descendants, ancestors and collateral heirs in the context of both separate, community and quasicommunity property. Finally, the program explores subsidiary problems of inheritance such as the rights of posthumous heirs, adopted heirs, illegitimate children, foster-children, the slayer of the decedent and the treatment of the simultaneous death problem.

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CANINE: The Complete Article Nine (2011 Edition)

CANINE (The Complete Article Nine) is a unique set of learning materials designed to assist both law students and lawyers to be effective Article 9 practitioners. It consists of a comprehensive collection of text and interactive problems modeled after a conventional casebook or treatise.

Download the text and problems: DOWNLOAD.

Download a printable PDF of the book chapters (excludes the problems): PDF.

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CANINE: Article Nine Problems / Chapter 8 - The Specifics of Enforceability -- A Security Agreement Authenticated by the Debtor or Its Legal Equivalent

These interactive problems are intended to be used with CANINE Chapter 8 (The Specifics of Enforceability -- A Security Agreement Authenticated by the Debtor or Its Legal Equivalent), but also may be used alone.

To see the entire textbook - CANINE: Complete Article Nine, click here.